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  1. You are utterly hilarious!
    “I’m sure he was PLEASED as PUNCH to get this list of questions.”

    I actually learned a lot from your questions. I wish this were easier, the more information you get. But I totally hear you about this: “Research brought me some clarity and many new worries.”

    Love you.

  2. I was talking to someone the other day whose husband has a kidney donated by his mother (20+ years ago, and they’re both doing very well). It requires some lower level of rejection drugs, was my understanding.

  3. Thank goodness for denial, and yet, thank goodness for clarity. This is really good, Jackie. So much better to ask the questions now then to face them in the flurry of surgery. I’ll be interested to read the answers when you get them.


  4. I can answer two of the questions- my father had a transplant at mt Sinai in nyc 13 years ago. It was a bit different as he was already in the hospital due to end stage liver failure.
    We did get a call about a possible liver- they were beginning to prep him but after tests it was discovered that liver was not viable. A few weeks later another liver was donated and ok. Very important- keep Ana healthy- meaning no fevers due to infections etc. if you have a secondary infection you are moved off the list until it clears.
    Praying for you, Ana and your family

  5. These are all great questions, Jackie. Not remotely unreasonable, very practical and very worth asking and understanding. I would hope they would be easy, straightforward questions for him to answer. I applaud you for doing the research and totally understand why it would take you this long to do it – it is unbelievable that you have to be worrying about these questions. Yes, I look forward to reading the answers.

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