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  1. They say laughter is the best medicine….now that Ana can do it with less pain maybe it will heal as well. I hope the little steps of feeling better become leaps and bounds soon.

  2. imagine not being able to laugh. sometimes with all the stresses of life we might go a while without smiling or laughing and then once we do, it’s such a relief. that’s wonderful that ana is able to laugh again. i understand that the “hunger games” (is it?) is very popular. i think it’s finally made it’s way overseas. do the boys read it, too? or is it strictly a girl thing? tell ana my boys and i say “hey!”

  3. Hello! Another High Meadow family here. Sending over a check to help, plus some of our son’s “Calvin and Hobbes” books (to keep). Maybe that’ll get Ana to giggle some. Looking forward to meeting Ana on the playground. Saying a prayer for her and your family.

  4. Yay! After my lung surgery, I tried to read some of the books people had lent me, and a couple of them were Dave Barry books from my boss. I’d never heard of Dave Barry at the time. I started laughing so hard I had to stop reading, because I could *not* laugh without terrible pain. I ended up having to wait 2 weeks before I could pick those books up because they made me laugh out loud. I’d never had to refrain from doing anything in my life because it would make me laugh, and it was strange. I’m glad Ana can indulge in the spirit-lifting, healing power of laughter again!

  5. Although I don’t know your family personally, I’ve been reading your wonderful blog and sharing Ana’s and your family’s journey. All of the worry, fears and love strikes such a chord with me that I just have to let you know I join you with a hug.

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