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  1. So love reading about your joy, the rich, raw emotions that this film draws from you. Haven’t seen it yet, but one of these days…… 🙂

  2. I’ve now seen “Les Miz” 8 times since first being introduced to it in 1990. We took in the brilliant film last week. I’ve cried each time, and can get weepy listening to the CD in my car! This is ultimately a HUGE love story – romantic love, love of our fellow man, love of freedom, and love of God. The lyrics can be associated with so many things in each of our lives. The lessons of struggle and survival are there for any who dig deeply enough to find the love stories buried under the oppression.

    I understand how you can relate, Jackie. Maybe you and Ana are Valjeans, being hunted by Javert (tumor, insurance), looking for some safety (transplant) and peace (good report from the surgeons). But amidst this chaos, you are surrounded by supportive family and friends (the bishop, the students, Eponine), who will embrace you during and after this trial.

    And remember the truth that once was spoken: “To love another person is to see the face of God”.

  3. jackie thank you so much for bringing storey and me to see this film- we can’t stop thinking and talking about it! i’m totally haunted by the very last scene. it was so special to see it with you and your girls, thank you again!

  4. I remember how much you loved that play. I actually thought of you when the movie came out..I’m glad you loved the movie. I’ll have to see it. (I’ve always felt that way about West Side Story )

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