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  1. Jackie I just saw this for the first time (catching up on the blog after a lot of crazy in October). The coffee shoppe was a pleasure, I even miss it! It was great to see you guys out and about yesterday at the Sheep & Wool Fest. Much love and healing your way as always!!! xoxoxo
    Max was a bit mad at me that he missed out on saying a proper hi and catch up with Ana!

  2. So glad to hear the good news from you, Jackie. Ana is resilient, the best life skill. Listening to how you all spent the day was balm to my soul.
    You might want to check out this math program that Ana can access on any computer or ipad. I recently started it with my grandson and we love it. Program is IXL.
    Thank you for sharing.

    (Janne’s friend from LI)

  3. What a gift to see Ana’s strength like that!… and to have this net of support around you… it’s true – the “silver lining” is revealing the beauty of people and this amazing opening of everyone’s heart and yours opening up so wide too…

  4. that’s he “silver lining” of illness. It strips away the superflous stuff that tends to clutter our lives and shows you what is really important. . Famiy, friends, quiet times…I’ve met ncredible, caring women who I woud never have known if I hadn’t gotten sick. I’ve been able to reach out and hopefully help others on their journey . I wish I could do more for Ana..physically I can’t run around organizing concerts..I feel badly about that….All I can do is let all of you know how much I love you and that that I am there for you, Ana is going to get well, and she is going to come out of this a much stronger person ..one day you and she wil visit another chikd in the hospital with cancer and show them that they can get through it. I’ve been blown away by the generosity of people too..the outpouring of love nd concern…it’s restored my faith in people..I love you..Mom .

  5. I’m awed by how much you’re willing to share around your own growth process and your admiration of your daughter. I love the energy with which you write, your feelings are so big and they remind me of a stream, just the way you wash through every scenario, onto the next. xoxoxo

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