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  1. Perhaps you have found faith…faith in something more than yourself. That in itself is a wonderful and scary place to be. It’s teetering on the edge of the unknown, WILLING to leap for all the right reasons. Trust in letting go of your fears…realizing that fear and faith cannot coexist in the same body. Believe in yourself and your entire support system (the ones you know and the ones your don’t) that you have prepared yourselves as best you can for this moment in time.

    I had melanoma a few years back (and I had faith already)! But I also had fear…. I didn’t worry up until the night before my surgery, and then I got on the internet. WRONG !! I spent hours agonizing over horror story after horror story…SO- I after a sleepless night, I decided NOT to worry until I had something to worry about. I took that “leap of faith” that all would go well. If it didn’t, I would ‘cross that bridge’ when I got to it. I actually experienced an amazing calm…

    Hold on tight, you are all going to do GREAT !!!! Love, prayers and nothing but positive energy for peace and healing coming your way… 🙂

  2. Oh Jackie… I’ve been reading. Even before you got to the part about researching cleft/lip palate all that went through my head was ‘my’ experience researching cleft lip/palate when I too was pregnant with the twins. How clear the memories are of finding horror stories on the web of ‘long range studies’ of people with cleft lip/palate and how damaged they were and are emotionally and physically. Also nodding my head and laughing in sister-hood about your Jim telling you to get off the net and how many nights Greg would find me teary-eyed and weak from my ‘research’ – I too was instructed to get off the damn computer. Sigh.
    A therapist I know donated her kidney to her niece a few years ago. She wasn’t a ‘blood’ relation, rather a marriage relation, yet she matched her niece. Right now she’s in Asia for a month with her husband only because he wouldn’t climb Mt. Everest with her. 🙂
    Reading this post of yours, you have found faith. Here is the internet link I found, (irony isn’t lost on me that it is again ‘internet research’):
    Rock on sister and may the force be with you.

  3. There should be more results about living donor success stories, because there are so many amazing stories out there. My biological father (who I’ve never met) gave a kidney to my half sister and saved her life, when I look at all the awesome work she does now, and the person she is, I am in awe of the gift. It was worth it and she is using it to bring so much to this world. Your Ana will use it too and I can imagine she has a lot to give as well.


    I found cleftstories when my now six year old nephew was 16weeks gesation and we were all wondering what his cleft would mean for his life. Thank you and Emily for easing some of the fear and heartache that love opens us up to. I was so sorry to hear that Ana has her own battle now but wow, what a warrior mama they both have.

    Best of luck

  4. You are the best Mom ever. I feel that you have such strength where other people wouldve folded, myself included. I send good thoughts and wishes to both of you. I would think because this liver surgery is a mother daughter thing you should be able to be together afterwards. Prayers for you and your family.

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