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  1. That was a ton of information to absorb. I’ll never take my liver for granted again (read: easy on the wine and cheese). Too bad it’s not like the kidneys, where you have two of them. I have heard about partial liver donations, however, where a compatible family member donates part of his/her liver. Apparently, the liver can regenerate. But I don’t know if that’s feasible in Ana’s case. In any case, at least you now have a definitive collection of recommendations, and a much clearer course of action. How long will Ana have to wait? Given the most recent information you had about the impact of the chemo, does that mean that Ana can forgo chemo going forward? Thinking of you, Jim and the girls always, and hoping for the most bright & shiny days ahead. White light, warm thoughts.

  2. I will walk around today with a whole new appreciation for my liver–I never even really thought about it before. Thank you for these updates. You and your family are in my thoughts every day.

  3. Hi Jackie, Jim, Ana and Emily
    I hope that the visit today is informative and helpful. I was so hoping for you that a less invasive solution could be found but … onward and upward. Take care, we are thinking of you all as always and wishing you strength and courage. Mary-Ann

  4. Isnt it possible that she got the liver transplant from you or Jim? The liver will grow. And maybe her body won’t reject it that much if it is from family.

  5. Well, that was a lot of helpful information. I never think about my liver, but it’s the largest organ in the body? Wow. Well, transplant, here we go. I love how much information you’re not only taking in but spitting back out to share with the rest of us. Transplant. It’s like such a familiar word but always applied to strangers before now. I love that this option could provide new hope and energy to Ana’s situation and so look forward to learning more. I’m curious how Ana’s doing around all of this. Her liver seems so powerful, taking on tumors and portal veins and now demanding a transplant. Organs are so weird. xoxoxo

  6. Wow. I guess this isn’t the news we were all hoping for. I hope the visit tomorrow goes well – as well as is possible. When will the transplant likely happen? When might you meet with Kato? Sending strength to Ana and all of you.

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