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  1. It’s amazing, and we both know that feeling – wanting to change places with our girls during craniofacial surgery. I remember growing up and every time I was sick, my mom would say the same thing. You’re really a brave mom, and I think you should get a fancy massage chair. 😉

    I’m glad you’ve taken care of yourself for many reasons. This is one of them. I sure hope everything is successful and that they don’t need your liver but can save hers – but it’s wonderful to know that you can literally give your daughter life a second time!

    Big hugs from the big city. Love you all. xoxo

  2. When will you find out if Dr K thinks he can do the ex vivo resection? The MRI was supposed to give him more info, right? Any word on those results?

    I’m so, so glad things are moving along, and I’m sure we’d all be thrilled to hear that Ana had a shot at keeping her own liver.

  3. Wry smiles here…. between
    “The last thing you want to hear a surgeon say is, “We don’t know what we’ll find until we’re actually in there.” And, yes, he actually said that. Good lord, did he get that line straight from an episode of Grey’s Anatomy?”
    “So there’s a lesson learned. Exercise regularly in case you need to give a loved one an organ.”
    “Or maybe I finally have an excuse to get a chaise lounge.”
    You are SO FUNNY!

    Well, it’s not every day that your organs are in high demand, so at least there’s that. 😉 Ratboy, Jr. has a new album coming out and there’s a song on it, “Upside Down” that kind of reminds me of all of this. It’s all just upside down, how things work vs. how they’re “supposed to work,” how life is vs. how it’s “supposed” to be…

    Celebrating your A+ blood type and glad you can at least source some of this insanity, and healing well, in-house.


  4. Simply put, I am blown away by this post…all of it. You really captured so much of the complexity of love in the middle of this nightmare: you and Jim so caring of Ana, Ana concerned about you, you having Jim there as a care partner and yet wanting your mom. You and Jim are such incredible parents. And Ana…that is so sweet that she is worried about you. Wonderful photo of Ana, too! I am continuing to pray and hope for complete healing soon, to that day when you will be school-shopping with your babies and getting your autumn back. I have faith.

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