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  1. It must be incredibly tough. Your line about the mentor caught my eye. Just yesterday, I read a long article in a German newspaper about http://www.khanacademy.org/. Sounded really good. I haven’t had a chance to check it out myself, but it may be worth a look. The article said this site provides video lecture/tutoring of all kinds of school subjects, following the general high-school curricula, and that many kids love it because it allows them to figure out the material at their own speed. Best of all: it is free! Might be worth a try while waiting for the tutoring arrangement to come through. Hang in there!
    Best from Germany

  2. As difficult as the hair loss is, try to remind yourself that while the chemo’s destroying hair follicles, it’s also destroying cancer cells.

    And while cancer has become part of your lives, eventually it will not be the main focus. Ana will once again be known as the sweet girl with beautiful big eyes and incredible voice.

    But yes, Jackie, I agree completely. Living with cancer sucks.

  3. Hi jackie – so glad to have you home and you are right it does feel like a place of limbo even from here. Not able to resume life but also not able, thankfully, to remain in that desperate place that you have all been in for so long. It feels as though the girls should be able to get together more often to help reingaging so we can work on that at least, but it does not make the inevitable worry go away. Look forward to seeing you later, take care, Mary-Ann

  4. well jackie, hopefully ana wont lose all of her hair, but before you know it she will be healthy, and happy all of the time again, i have faith in this!!! ;D

  5. This is a BEAUTIFUL picture of Ana. I have faith that, although you will be forever changed by this experice, you will soon be back to life as usual.

  6. Hi!
    Im Kathy Labarbera’s sister and Sammy’s aunt. While my heart breaks for your beautiful daughter and you, her mom, I am inspired by her courage. My prayers are with you, your family, but most especially that wonderful young lady!! God bless all of you!

  7. You wil get through this, and you are not alone..there are a ot us in he rowboat with you..I love you sweetie…we have o get up there and annoy all of you soon ..xxx

  8. So love how you envelop me in your swirl of words that communicate so much….Your details make this just so much more real and connective. I’m really taken by that “off-limits to the planet.” Yes, that just says so much, and your examples really make sense of this nonsensical time for those of us witnessing from a step or two back. Anyway, I love love love your posts, I loved meeting Jim the other day at karate, and I literally drop everything to read your updates. Thank you so much for staying in touch the way you do. I hope you find it nourishing to share and not just one more chore in what sounds like a long, long list. 🙂 xoxoxo

    • Thank you, Erica. That line about being off limits to the planet was written by my friend Kiku on her own blog (just don’t want to take credit). I loved the way she put it though – it really captures how my world feels right now.

  9. and i wish you were here too. getting annoyed with fresh pre- adolescents. (mine is getting a bit mouthy at 12. ) reminding them to clean their room or finish their homework. i wish i had the power to bring you all back to where you were. hang in there jackie. say hi to ana from me and my boys. sending you and your family all the love i have.

  10. Hang in there. You, Jim, Emily and Ana are amazing. We are all rooting for you and think about you often. Love, Kathy, Sammi, KK & Mike

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