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  1. We were at the Trapps’ (and others’) benefit concert for Ana in Stone Ridge a little over a year and a half ago and ran across a video from the show on YouTube tonight. God Bless you, that adorable Ana, and your family! We will keep you in our prayers every night. We so hope that beautiful little girl gets well, lives a long and healthy life and you are able to come into the world of the living again. I can’t even imagine the road you have been traveling. I lost my older sister to cancer at the age of 39.


    Peg and Ed Conroy

  2. Give yourself time to grieve, rage, feel sad, whatever it takes. But, set a limit and after you’ve screamed, cried, etc, make yourself get up and get outside. It’s ok to take time to feel bad….. i don’t mean to sound overly simplistic, but I hope it might help….

  3. Big love from a mama in Minnesota. You ARE good, you ARE present. This is where you are and it IS muddy, but you are GOOD. Could feel you there on the screen and I wish you well.

  4. You’re so strong. And strength is exhausting. So feel it until you don’t anymore.
    I think of you every day. Zachary had his bone graft surgery in May and of course, people ask about him. Ask about his life, etc. Then they ask how we knew where to find help. I smile when I think about you and everyone is like, “Whaa…? Someone you met on the internet got you where you are?”
    It’s in the eyes Jackie. You know, where people look at you with that look that says, ‘I feel so bad but don’t know what to say’? That’s when I think of you and tell them your story.
    Every time my inbox lets me know you’ve updated you give me, and everyone else, a gift. A reminder we only have today. Maybe only right now. We all know that as it’s pounded into our heads with cute little e-card and pinterest quotes. But when you update, it’s oddly comforting. Sort of like finding THE meaning in a Bible passage and knowing the message is universal. We have now. Right now and only now. The gift you’ve given is to remind me to go smell the tops of my kids heads and feel the softness of their cheeks. To really soak it in and make it stick hard in my brain. Making it stick is the gift you give. All I can give back is prayers. XO

  5. I see you. I hear you. Thank you for sharing it all, mama. Your words burrow into my heart, every single word. xoxoxo

  6. Jackie,
    You are feeling all of this now in anticipation because you will need to be strong when Ana needs you most. I know we will all be there then. You are always amazing…even when you feel like this. Love you and with you. Mom2

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