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  1. Jackie,
    My good friend’s six-year-old daughter just came out of a long, 2.5 years of cancer treatment for leukemia. Make A Wish foundation was such a great support for her and her family. The entire family went to Hawaii this spring via Make A Wish to celebrate Ivy’s full recovery from cancer. I cannot wait to see Ana’s photos from Hawaii! I am sending Ana and your family lots of love and blessings. xoxo Erin

  2. Hooray for Make-a-Wish! That’s so cool Ana is connecting with them. What grand wishes! I can’t wait to hear more about this!

    “What the hell am I even talking about?” Sounds like Ana’s not only a typical tween, but she’s got a typical loving, caring mom.


    What the hell am I even talking about (something I say or think pretty much every hour 😉

  3. I love her wishes! Yes, I think you should welcome them as gifts – what an amazing organization. Feeling good and seeing your dreams come true can only be good for her healing! xox thinking of you.

  4. Jackie, try to think of Make-a-Wish as a ‘gift’ for kids dealing with “life altering” circumstances. I have a couple of friends whose kids (1 with type-1 diabetes, 1 with epilepsy) were treated to wonderful vacations courtesy of Make-a-Wish and its many donors (me included). For the record, one of those kids is now a college sophomore with a 4.3 GPA who is planning to enter the bio-medical field. The other is a happy kindergartener who now simply takes medicine along with his Cheerios in the morning. Both have great memories of their ‘wishes’.
    Yes, they both struggled at the outset. Yes, they’ll both have to deal with their particular limitations, likely for the remainder of their lives. Yes, occasionally they both complain, and have outright told their parents that they hate their illnesses. But we who love them, we all hope it’s a long and healthy “hate”.

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