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  1. What an inspiring story. For every parent. To have the conviction to know what’s truly important for a child to successfully grow and to learn, to trust herself, and to realize her full potential, is something as parents we must vigilantly remind ourselves to do – it’s tempting to self-doubt when the so-called experts contradict us. Bravo to you and Jim, bravo to such an incredible school, and bravo to your beautiful daughters who will take all of this with them forever.

  2. I see your “advocacy” for your girls goes way back, Jackie. This post is a lovely homage to the High Meadow School – the educational glove to Ana’s hand.

  3. I remember walking you and Ana down to the lower school on her visit, watching her walk hesitantly into the classroom that would become her second home, seeing her smile out in the playground, watching her take a place at circle on the rug. It is both eons and moments ago.

    I am so grateful to Paley’s book that reminds us that the most important work of childhood is play, and that brought you Dooleys to us here at High Meadow. We’ll miss Ana so very much, but are so happy we’ll have a few more years with Emily.

    • My first memory is of our meeting with you and Doris, and then our brief tour of the school. I peered into the window of the Nest and was amazed at the block room. My entire focus that day was on giving Ana space to play and here you had a whole room dedicated to third and fourth graders where they could sit and build with blocks! When we left that day I still didn’t think Ana would be able to go there, but Jim surprised me by saying how could she NOT go there? He said we could make it work somehow. The upper school seemed like such a distant place on that day and the eighth graders looked HUGE.

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