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  1. Although I had no dire circumstances, this is exactly what I went through with the MA Health Connector. I couldn’t sign up. Pages were loaded with errors. No one would help me despite repeated calls. MA extended subsidies for the plan I was on, and they told me to just stay on it and suck on taxpayer funds when all I wanted to do was pay my fair share (I’d been on a low income plan, and now could afford my own plan…and they would not help me sign up for one!!!) I finally caved and took an expensive plan through my CA employer, which wasn’t the plan I wanted, all because MA never got its act together despite months and months of supposed “tech work” on the Health Connector site. And because I refused to accept their solution of staying on the taxpayer’s dime when I was perfectly able to pay my own way.

    I’ll try again in January during open enrollment, but I have no faith they’ll have fixed it by then. Over a year of problems. All because they can’t design a working website and backend, which a private company could have done in 1/10 of that time.

  2. AHA! Answered prayers, I can hope? We all stay tuned…. carry on and I will keep praying! love to everyone in this mix!!!!!

  3. Jackie, you may not remember me but I work for the state agency that regulates insurance companies. We were formerly the NYS Insurance Dept. We are now the Dept. of Financial Services. I spoke with you when you were having issues getting authorizations from CDPHP. I have been following your blog ever since. I have great contacts at the Exchange and would love to try to help you sort this all out. If you’re interested, please email me your telephone number privately and we can discuss your current situation. My best wishes are always with you and your famly!

  4. Hi Jackie, we’ve never met but we have many mutual friends and I started following your blog back when Ana was first diagnosed. I’m reaching out because we recently had the same issue with Empire BC/BS pulling out of CHP and having to find a new plan. My daughters have much less serious health issues than Ana’s, but we determined that because of the providers they needed to keep seeing, Fidelis was our choice for the switch. We were referred by friends to a lovely human being named Edward Michael, a Fidelis Care representative who CAME TO OUR HOUSE and got the kids switched over. He did everything; all I had to do was sign paperwork. There was no charge and it did not affect the subsidy. I can’t guarantee he’ll be the magician you’re hoping for, but I know he’ll do everything he can to help. I should mention that he does not just get people signed up for Fidelis; he’ll facilitate enrollment in whatever plan they choose. Feel free to email me (I entered in my email address above) for his contact info, I’m sure he’d be happy to speak with you.

  5. Jackie my heart goes out to you. Don’t you have enough on you plate? The only thing I can add to you diligence is possibly calling the two drug companies to see if they can work with you to provide the meds if there is a gap. I have experienced this possibility with some of my clients at times. Love to you all. Mom

  6. Lighting my candle, what else can I do? SO glad that you wrote to the reporter, Wish I could think of anyone else to go to. Praying hard here. with love, Bonnie

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