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  1. I’m so sorry Jackie. I will send out every bit of positive energy I can muster into the universe aimed directly at your family. Hugs.

  2. So very saddened to think of all you are going through… I will be back from Panama tomorrow night… and have the next week completely available to do anything… feed cats, shovel snow… my number is in the book, my time is yours if you call on me… please know that I am sending prayers and healing thoughts to all of you and your doctors too… much love, Betty

  3. Dear JIm and Jackie,
    I’m so sorry for this bump in the road- the patience this must be requiring! I, along many others, light a candle every night for Ana’s heath
    . You are surrounded by people who care and are waiting to know how to help, if help is needed. Please don’t hesitate to ask me. I have time.

  4. Oh that is just heart breaking and frustrating to hear. And what a brave little warrior you have. She will rally, and you will find strength to win this next battle. You have so much left to fight for. My love and prayers are with you and your family. They are so precious.

  5. I’m so sorry this is happening to Ana – and all of you. We are all wishing you the easiest and speediest possible healing from this newest occurrence.

  6. Dooley’s… You are in our hearts and prayers. We love you and are here for anything you need–anytime. Ana, continue to be the strong and determined young lady I have always known you to be. You are your mom’s rock. If you continue to stay tough, so will she. I have never known any of you to put your head low, so chin up: you will make it through this again! Took us 3 times to finally get cancer off my mom’s back, but we did it, and you will too.
    Love & hugs, The Troutman girls xoxo

  7. We love you Ana and we are sending love, healing and strength to all of you! God bless you all!! Love ya ….your Colorado cousins!!!

  8. Disappointment, not despair.
    I wish I had better words Jackie – words that wouldn’t ring hollow from someone like me, who has no personal experience like what your family is dealing with. I’m a “stranger” to you, but I care immensely, and I’m sure you realize that the others following the blog feel that way, too.
    Try to feel all the virtual hugs through cyberspace. ((( )))

    • Your words don’t ring hollow – I swear! We’re so appreciative of all the outpouring of love and support from everyone. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. (I feel the hugs!!)

      • I cannot believe this is happening. Please give Ana my love. My family and I will keep her and all of you in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there and let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Allyson

  9. I also am Amy’s friend and have been following your journey. I will keep Ana in my prayers and ask others to do as well. Best, Sandy

  10. Hello- you don’t know me, but I’m friends with Amy. I’ve followed your journey on your blog. I just wanted to let you know that your family is in my thoughts and I wish the best for Ana and all of you.

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