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  1. Last night John sang his heart out for you, Ana, at the Rosendale Cafe. There was a great crowd sending so much loving energy your way. John’s voice was fired by visions of you singing. The amazing power in your own voice seems to come from a deep well of strength that is there to serve you. We are all sending you big love.



    • We are so grateful for this, Michelle and for your continued support and love. Thank you so much. I wish I was there to hear John sing.

  2. Ana, Emily, Jackie and Jim,
    We just read this update as a family and the kids were very moved. I think they were not letting it be real so long as I told them she was still waiting for a diagnosis. They asked a few questions, but mostly, what we all felt was a need to send our love to you all right away with all of our wishes for healing, and though we already made a donation for Ana, Miles felt it his duty to donate all the money in his bank account to Ana. He is very sure that is what he wants to do with his savings, and we think is it a great idea. I am so happy you have a diagnosis now so you can dig in your heals and kick ass. So much love!!!

    • Janna, it’s so amazingly sweet of Miles to want to give all his money to Ana, but please tell him to keep his money! You have already given so much. Ana was really touched, but she also said, “no, no! tell him it’s okay.” Thanks so much for your love and support.

  3. Thank you for the ongoing information – our thoughts are with you today as you set up the plan for the next months. Take care and love to you all, Mary-Ann, Natasha and family

  4. Hey Dooleys,
    Thinking about you all and hoping Ana will be more comfortable soon.
    I was thinking about Ana at the talent show last year and how she totally rocked
    that song, and blew everyone away. There is tremendous strength in her.
    Love and healing to you all.

  5. As much as a difficult diagnosis as this was, I felt heartened that the doctors, surgeon, and medical team know what they are dealing with. I have thought about nothing else but Ana, you and Jim, and the whole family ever since learning the preliminary diagnosis today. And I am sure that there are many, many others like me — thinking, praying, sending love and energy, keeping Ana and you all in our hearts this evening. We are all standing with Ana and you.

    I wanted to understand more about epithelial hemangioendothelioma (EHE) tonight so I read a Boston Children’s Hospital site about it. It helped a great deal to understand it, to provide real hope, and to know that a lot is going on with treatment of it. Please do not lose hope, even when you are so tired and scared (which is so understandable). I am praying and keeping steadfast that the best and the brightest will share information, devise an excellent plan, and give Ana the treatments she needs to be restored to full health. I am sending love to Ana, you, and Jim tonight!

  6. Jackie,
    As a person who’d only take an aspirin if a headache got really bad, I was horrified by the number of pills I had to take while receiving chemo and totally terrified of the chemo itself. I remember looking at my IV and thinking “poison”. Then I had a conversation with Simone in which she told me to be sure to welcome the chemo during treatment. I took her advice and it made a huge difference. I’d look at the bag hanging next to me and make myself think of the job it was doing and I welcomed it. Adding that to the routine of the treatments definitely helped me feel calmer, so I’m passing along the advice.
    I wish Ana strength as she takes this big step on her way to healing and health.

    • Hi Everyone,
      I just read the Scientific American article about Kris Carr from Woodstock who is surviving EHE since 2003. I have heard of her and beleive she does workshops on the Omega Institute circuit. I can research her further as I am networking with Musicians in the area for the fundraiser. Maybe someone knows her. She has combined wholistic medicine in her treatment and worked with a Dr. in Boston. She has written books and has a documentary about her journey to healing. Just as I was reading this, Susan called because she was researching successful treatment of EHE and came across an expert team at Boston Children’s Hospital, which is in the Children’s Miracle Network with Maria Ferari Hospital. Boston Children’s is the top Children’s Hospital in the country. I also watched Stand up to Cancer special tonight in which they talked about the hope in pediatric cancer is in this hospital networking..I think we are onto something. Thanks Carly for the reference to Scientific American. and thanks Kathy for the info on welcoming the treatment. These ideas have now been well researched and I have a website for CD’s for just these ideas. Healthjourneys.com. Now I am going back to watching the Hunger Games in honor of Ana. Grandma Janne

      • I have a good mutual friend of kris Carr- Jenny brown, founder of the Woodstock farm animal sanctuary, who is a survivor of childhood cancer herself. I wrote to Jenny last night and she wrote to kris last night. Kris is traveling right now but I am hoping for a response soon. I will let you know as soon as I hear from her.

  7. I am so glad there is finally a diagnosis! This is good! Now the planning for the best treatment can begin. If she needs a liver transplant I would like to know more about that – I have heard other people can donate part of their livers. I am so glad she will probably start treatment soon – this is great news. Will you still be in Ulster County tomorrow? Is there anything I can do for you up here? Email me.

  8. Hi Jackie,
    I’m so sorry to hear about this. Words cannot express how my disbelief and sorrow. I wish there was something I could say or do to help. Just know that I am praying for her everyday and that my family and I are thinking about her. We are all wishing that she will have a transplant match soon and that she be able to go home. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.
    Love, Stacy Entin

  9. Thanks for keeping us informed Jackie. It’s hard to imagine what you are facing but I know you and your family will get through it. I am ready to help around the house with any chores you may need this weekend. I will drop off another card in your mailbox on my way back from the grocery store. Just coordinating everyone’s efforts is a job in itself – I am happy to coordinate something – if you want to give me a phone number of a close family member or friend – we can work on a chores schedule, meals schedule, lawn schedule?… or something else you might need.
    carol 503-851-9548

  10. Thinking about Ana everyday, Jackie. She’s gonna be great when this ordeal is over, and she’ll be stronger because of it. I don’t know Ana, but give her a hug for me anyway. 🙂

  11. Hi there Jackie,
    This is Winnie. I am a friend of Amy’s and my daughter Maddie is friends with Layla I have been following along with every update and I am so sorry Ana is going through this. I want to let you know, though, that I know of a woman with epithelial hemangioendothelioma who is in Woodstock. Her name is Kris Carr and she’s made a movie and written a few books (and has a website) about living with this cancer. She’s a very inspirational speaker (I saw her lecture a few years ago) and she’s doing very well. Just wanted to put it out there since I know this is extremely rare. Take good care and know that we’re all pulling for your family.

  12. I am so sorry, at least now you can find out what to do next. Let me know if u need me to do anything at your house. I am here for all of you and we can only take it a day at a time!!! Me & my family pray for you every night!!! Lots of love from the Williams family

  13. oh, jackie. we’ll continue to pray. now than this enemy has a name, as you said there can be a plan of action. i am so sorry i am not closer.

  14. Sometimes, at least knowing what you are dealing with is strength in itself. Now goals can be set and plans made to reach them.
    Love and prayers continued for you all each and every day!!!!

  15. Hi Jackie,

    I’m glad you are finally getting some answers. We think of Ana often, wishing her the easiest healing possible.

    Please let me know if you need me to go to your house at some point to feed the kittens, or do whatever needs doing. I live so close by, it is easy for me to go over and take of something if you need.



  16. hopefully Ana will be better soon. the whole class is scared but sending good thoughts to Ana. Patrick and the class are trying to figure out a way to raise money for Ana. we all hope and know that Ana will be all right and up and running soon.
    best wishes Francesca and the Wolfe family

  17. Hi Jackie, we keep praying for Ana. I am glad they find it soon, so they can make the best treatment plan for Ana. It must be scary for all of you, but I believe God is in charge. Ana is His, He knows the best for her.

  18. Every ounce of love and energy I can send is on the way. There is always hope don’t ever let anyone steal that from you. My own problems seem very small when I think of what you and your family are going through. Stay strong and know there are many people standing with you and your family!

  19. I am so sorry & my heart is heavy for you all. Thank you for sharing. Prayers will be constant & healing energy being sent your way.

  20. Thank you for sharing this update Jackie. We are all here for you, saying prayers for Ana and sending strength and love to your family.

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