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  1. Jackie, I finally have caught up on email (which I rarely go on for personal use) I am so happy for the potential of you all returning home. It does untold amount of good for the spirit of all of you.! And us as well who have been with you during this time. Sophia got an Ipad from her grandmother and she was so excited to use it and chat with ana and storey this morning. I have been sick for the last three days with a virus, so I’m glad Sophia’s visit was virtual. When you get home, remember I am always roming around Kingston for work, so if you need something, I can lend a hand. Don’t hesitate to call. I must say , it’s been heartwarming to see the support that has come from this, did you see the cafe commercial? How cute was that? Hello to Jim, Emily and of course, I send noncontagious kisses to Ana,

  2. Wow – what good news. Your judgement on this is so affirmed by the results – good for you and Jim, Jackie on biding your time and searching for solutions where there really did not look like there were options. Oh, I can’t wait to tell Natasha that Ana may be coming home – she is really missing her friend. Take care and love to all, Mary-Ann

  3. So happy she might be able to come home! Maybe Mom can cook something or get some fast food that Ana likes so she might eat more. It’s thrilling that the tumor is shrinking. Praying for her every day. I am a friend of your Mom’s, Jackie. You are such a strong woman.

  4. Thank God for some good news! You sure deserve a win. I was MPO for 8 days in the hospital once and they told me if I didn’t do the clear liquids and then start eating I was getting a feeding tube up my nose. That night I had my liquids. 😉 Still praying but thrilled for some good progress. Bless you! Leah (Grandma Judy’s friend)

  5. Such wonderful news that Ana might go home next week! (I guess that means we should send our care package to your house?) We are sending all of our positive thoughts and prayers that Ana eats, and eats a lot in the next week! 😉

  6. Oh, Jackie, how I love your writing. I mean it…little mental cartwheels of joy? Really, who thinks of that, and yet so true, so true. Anyway, it is so good to have glimmers of good news.

    Much love,


  7. I’m so glad to hear that things are looking up. We’re hoping and praying that Ana’s appetite improves so she can come home!! I can’t even imagine how much better that would make you all feel.

  8. Everything is a step at a time, and these are excellent steps, Jackie. Wow. This is good news, though I definitely understand the cautions and how so much is gray area and uncertainty.. Thank you for these explanations, too, of the chemo treatments. It’s incredible how you are seeking every bit of guidance that you can. You and Jim are amazing parents — something that has been evident with both Ana and Emily since they were babies.

    I was reading about when chemo zaps the appetite, and one suggestion for the nausea was to put a cold washcloth over the eyes when you feel nauseous. It also talked about dehydration causing nausea to be worse so to hydrate. I’m sure you are trying a whole bunch of things, and this is just vexing.

    My family, dear friends, and colleagues are asking about Ana constantly, and they are continuing to send prayers and keeping you all in their thoughts every day. Seeing Ana’s smile in the photo made my evening. Love and gentle thoughts to Ana and you all!

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