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  1. Hi Jackie – like you I thought that you would have some kind of reprieve – after the transplant, after the new medication… but it has not happened and I hear you when you say this is now how your family is. I am sure you see this as a roller coaster ride that you don’t know the destination for or when it will end and I am so sorry for this as knowing more is so much more comforting. I always feel that it is possible to do something as long as there is a target to reach but it appears that yours is forever moving. Breaking this process down into smaller reachable targets is definitely more manageable as you have been doing with each step. i wish there was something I could do to help but just know that we are all thinking of you and please reach out if there is something that Ana would like to do with Natasha or if I can help you in any way, Take care, my thoughts are with you, Mary-Ann

    • Mary-Ann – we did have a reprieve after the transplant. She was technically cancer free for seven months and got to enjoy a mostly normal seventh grade school year. Thank you for always reading and commenting. I’ll email you about getting the girls together.

  2. Hugs… I hate when everything seems so uncertain and unfinished sentences! Hugs to Anna… Krystal is not hearing the word Chemo either!!

  3. Thank you again Jackie, for sharing so eloquently, as we continue to hold you and Ana and your family in our prayers for healing, strength and good times together…. laughter whenever possible. Carpe diem.

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