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  1. Dear Dooley’s:
    Just wanted you all to know that we are here for you if you need ANYTHING at all! Our prayers include you everyday that it all gets better and we look back at this one day as a “remember when” sigh of relief. Jackie, let me know if you need me to come over there and fuss at some people. I know you’re very capable, but if you need a break, I can lay it on ’em! 😉
    Our hugs and love go out to you. As soon as Ana is home and ready for company- we will come by.

    **tight hugs**
    Tanyia, Kennedy & Sydney (And my mom too. She was worried sick.)

  2. Hang in there Ana and Jackie (and Jim and Emily). There has to be some good news coming. There just has to. This is just too much.

  3. I’m very much wishing all of you the best in this terrible time. I’m looking forward to seeing Emily at school, here’s hoping that some kind of acceptable “normal” can be achieved soon, at least on some fronts. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Love, Reta

  4. I hope Ana is starting to feel better- we are thinking of her and sending love today. Is there any music Ana likes to listen to that might be relaxing? I think she mostly likes really upbeat stuff but I will try to think of something that would fit her taste if I can. I wish I could come and bring you dinner!

  5. Dear Ana and family,

    I am a friend of Susan DeMark who has been keeping so many informed and asking good thoughts and prayers sent your way. So we are doing just that.
    We pray that God keeps you all close and sends healing your way.

    Blessings from the Yorks

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