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  1. Jackie my heart is aching with you, but you are one terrific, prenominal, caring, strong (when you need to be) Mom. Ana knows that you are with her every step of the way regardless if your physical self has to be absent for a day or two. Ana knows and feels your love as we all do who read your posts. Some days are harder than other days but when those amazing moments of a great saying, or a big hug fill your day, then that makes it all worth it. Things trigger tears, but things also trigger smiles and let the smiles shine thru. Thinking of you and Ana with a lot of love

  2. Oh Jackie! I totally understand the delayed emotional outburst from outside influences. And you get to do it with Ana rolling her eyes at you. It’s good that she eye rolls though, it means her head is in the right 13 year old place. She gets it all. Don’t worry! I am so happy it was a (relatively) painless day.

  3. Ana is in my prayer and yes I was in tears reading that and I knew in my spirit b4 uj said so,
    that u were not crying about the little boy. Things trigger.

    All my hopes, love and prayers,


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