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  1. Ugh, I hated the breathing exercises! I had lung surgery in 2003 and whenever I could get away with it – which was often after I got home because I live alone – I ignored the breathing apparatus. In retrospect, coughing hurt a lot more than using that thing did, so I suppose if it helps the lungs stay healthy it was better to do it than get some respiratory infection and deal with that. Coughing or laughing was painful and harder to control than breathing into the “bong,” as you say 🙂

    I was also hustled out of bed ASAP, and made to walk around the thoracic ward. I had to drag this whole contraption around with me, and it seemed silly, but although it was kind of painful at first I did feel better after moving around. So I guess the nurses score one again. I hope a night’s rest helped Ana!

  2. We are keeping you all in our prayers, as always. Hoping Ana feels a lot better in the morning. Getting her up and around may not be easy, but it will surely help in the long run. Just remember, each day and each procedure gets you that much closer to recovery, and all being home together again.

  3. Jackie, I have a good friend undergoing chemo right now and she has a central line. She said it was uncomfortable at first, but once her nervous system adjusted, it stopped bothering her. I am relieved to hear that Ana is out of surgery and up and alert enough to have complaints, though I can only imagine her discomfort and ache and your own exhaustion and pain at seeing your child in such a state. I can only imagine. I am sending you guys all my strength and love right now! Kisses and hugs from Max and Miles as well. Max wishes that she feel better ASAP!

  4. i have so much respect for GOOD nurses. if there are a few that you really like and trust, it makes certain things so much easier. yes, these following hours will be challenging. the fact that you know that means you won’t be suprised and become overwhelmed. it’s very late for me so i’ll say my prayers for you this evening.

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