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  1. ana is so ready to face the road ahead … which means she has the will to keep going ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. How do you spell RELIEF. Hope I spelled it right. I’m dancing in my living room. Ok still have to worry, but feeling like at least this part is OVER. You go Ana..

  3. Both hands to the heavens and fingers crossed for making it to other side of things! Praying for a speedy and complete recovery.

  4. Hallelujah! So many, many heart-felt prayers, so many healing thoughts have come your way, so many people who care about you and Ana… Keep up your strength… this is a shock to your system as well. i knew Ana would do well. She is a strong and courageous young lady. Set Fire to the Rain, Ana! Hugs all around!

  5. All our best wishes to your family during this difficult time. Stay strong. Our thoughts are with you, Davis-Soman’s

  6. Thinking about you all day Ana and keeping the class updated! I am so happy this part is behind you and that it looks like it hasn’t spread!

  7. I am so glad that the surgery is over and that things have been going well with the procedure etc. I was thinking about you all today and hope that by now you have seen Ana. Hang in there. Mary-Ann

  8. I am so happy it went well with a good prognosis. You have been in my thoughts all day. I cried when I watched Ana sing with such energy, I knew that she would set fire to the rain today! Blessings to all, make sure you relieve all the stress you are going through.

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