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  1. OMG Jackie!!! The last blog I read that you wrote hit home with me on my lifestyle (yours to a “T”). Difference is my son, John was taken from me in an accident. I, too, am so grateful for all the positive, wonderful support I received during the absolutely, positively WORST time (and continuing) in my life. Everyone was awesome. To thank them individually I try to spend quality time alone with them. In doing this, I have left no time for ME. Even my S/O of 5 years has casually ( but super nicely) has said to my family that he sees less of me now, than when I worked 2 full time jobs. And……. He’s 100% correct. I truly, truly know how you feel. I love reading your feelings & thoughts. YOU certainly are a STRONG WOMAN!!!! I hope that if I was ever ‘in your shoes”, would I be that STRONG MOM I saw in You. ??
    Sorry for rambling on, just THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Jackie, I have ‘spoken’ to you on other blogs you wrote to give you a BIG YAHOO on your writings. I used to work with Cindy B. Her granddaughter a very good friend of Ana’s. Please continue with your written feelings. I LOVE reading everything you write. God Bless and a very HEALTHY and HAPPY New Year 2014 !!!!

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