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  1. I think your reaction to the transfusion is a kind of PTSD,, Ana has, say, a fever, or the blood transfusion, and it shoots you right back to the original transfusion when you found out how terribly sick she was, You’re still in “Emergency” mode..you’re afraid to relax, you’re afraid to drop out of “Mamma Bear” mode. That energy is why she’s come through this . You and Jim did that..you saved her.. As time goes on, and things gradually return to some kind of normal, you will calm downl, but with this child..even when she’s no longer a chld..you’ll worry more..is she a bit pale today? What’s that cough all about.? This has been a nightmare..I’ve said it before, but it bears saying again. I am so incredibly proud of you..In the midst of your fear and anguish, you PROBLEM SOLVED.. You looked for answers, you were an advocate for your child (for BOTH your chldren) From day one you had Ana’s back, and you and Jim are the reason she is eating pizza on the Pediatric floor today. You are a hero. You are my hero. I love you ..Mom

    • Judy what wonderful perception. You said it perfectly, everyone has done amazing things and so much support. That alone is a beautiful healing. You are all “Heros” and Healers”
      God bless you all.

  2. Wow, it is so good to be at this end of the voyage. For her to be coming home and beginning the healing process is miraculous. I was thinking about your ode to Dr. Kato and it’s true, she is surrounded by heroes. I have heard these highly specialized surgeons referred to as people among g-ds. This is not to mention the heroics of her parents and family who have been so courageous and tenacious, and her own fighting spirit!
    It’s so heartening that Ana is starting to ask for art supplies and is resuming her chatty nature. I am full of questions about what she is noticing and feeling, like, given the discomforts of abdominal surgery, can she feel the difference in her body yet? Can’t wait to see you and hear more.


  3. Happy Valentine’s Day, Ana, Emily, Jackie and Jim! You are in the home stretch! Home is where the heart is. May your hearts be intertwined at home soon! i

  4. Im glad to hear Ana could go home tomorrow. Sending good vibes and prayers that everything goes well. Happy Valentines Day

  5. Hi Jackie, It’s Jana and we met on WW online awhile ago. I started reading the updates when Anna was posting them on facebook. I am so sorry to hear that this has happened. i am so happy to see Ana doing so well. My cousin will be embarking on her liver transplant next week (A week from today) and its really nice to see the progress that Ana has made in the last nine days. It makes me feel a little less nervous for her transplant.

    I hope Ana gets discharged soon.

  6. If there any issues rx wise and u can’t afford the copays, check into Copay assistance programs. (I work for a “mail order” pharmacy- so it helps to know about what’s out there). Good luck to you guys. Glad to hear Ana is doing better.

  7. Sending love to you all. So happy to see Ana on Instagram today!! Jackie, you have been so beautifully eloquent and honest and I’m astounded by your strength and poise. Enjoy your valentines day with your lovely girl and send her hugs and kisses from me and the girls. Xo

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