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  1. Something tells me you are the path to writing a book. Or maybe you and Ana will write one together. I know you will end up helping other families who have to go through similar experiences.

  2. Knowledge is power. How fortunate we are to be living in this age of discovery and miracles. Truly a season for thanks!

  3. From all the reading I’ve done over the years, my general feeling is that if you have the misfortune of being sick, it’s better it’s happening to you now, and not 100 years ago.. I’m a history buff, and I would love to ride around in a time machine and visit the past, but I wouldn’ t want to live there..If this had to happen to Ana, it’s good it happened now, political issues of health care aside, the system came together and saved her life. (I remember “radical” mastectomies being done routinely, by the way…only a few years ago)

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