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  1. You are the queen of mothers, enduring the challenges one step, one day, one minute at a time. You are blessed that this happened when it did so you could be with Ana while she recovers rather than being in another place recovering yourself. By the time you get home the storm will be history. Even though we have little snow compared to the rest of the NE, it is just not what you need. Relax, things will get better each day. Thinking of you and am so happy that all is progressing positively.

  2. Hi Jackie – you are amazing as is Ana. I am so glad that she is not in too much pain and sleeping is most likely a great healer for her. I hope you have time to take a walk occasionally and gather yourself – you are doing amazingly well considering everything is so out of your hands. Just keep going, love to all, Mary-Ann and family

  3. Jackie, this post is so incredibly optimistic. More milestones will come and tumble. Some times will seem backwards, but the overall trend is toward Ana’s healing. It is amazing what has already taken place, and we are all praying WITH YOU ALL that it keeps up. I try to always feel that Ana is in excellent human hands and miraculous Divine hands.

    You are an amazing, brave Mom, dealing with something that plopped down in your life with no warning. You and Jim have more than risen to the occasion. Your sense of awareness about your own feelings and actions on behalf of Ana is also something else, as when you wrote: “Because, you know, adding pressure to an already stressful situation is always the best course of action to take.” I laughed out loud at the irony that you captured.

    The image of Ana falling asleep with her iPod is so sweet…makes me tear up. Thinking of your sweetheart girl this morning so much, and of all of you, with love.

  4. great mother queen, drama is the living of life and you are working it well. All gratitude for your energy, your care, your words and your family’s healing

  5. what a great post. LOVE the vision of her sitting up with a proud smile and LOVE the doctor who complimented your parenting. Life is a miracle!… and I agree with all the others who have posted – there is so much power and passion and love in every word you write and in every step you and Anna (and Jim and Emily) are taking together.

  6. Jackie, you are Ana’s rock, her source of info and comfort, her advocate, her communicator, her super mama bear! Cherish moments that show Ana’s progress! So glad that you received cudos from the coordinating doctor who remembered you and Ana. It seems you are in a very caring environment! That’s reassuring!

  7. Im happy to hear Ana is making progress. Im also happy to hear that someone outside of your immediate circle recognized what a wonderful, caring, amazing, brave, strong person and parent you are and chose to tell you. Sometimes it those people that help it sink in. Love, Hope, Hugs and prayers to your family.

  8. you are an amazing mother. period. trust your instincts, your actions, all of it. you made sure that medical staff pulled together at the right moment and in the right way, and that doctor acknowledged it which is beautiful. keep on doing what you are doing. and when your instincts tell you to take a break, you do that too. you are a total inspiration.

  9. It’s so wonderful though~ to hear the shift in your words talking about how well Ana is doing. Your perspective on milestones made and uplifting tones are very encouraging.. YOU sound better. Even if there is a long road ahead, there is a LONG road behind too and THAT is so positive!

  10. You are amazing. I am in awe. Here I am another Mom, Community member, health professional, caring person who has never met you. (I know Janne through the Chamber) and I am quite entrenched, (in a positive way). Just know you are prayed for and cared about. Every day.

  11. I just cried my eyes out. You are not a drama queen, just a damn good mother. I am pretty sure if it were me, there would have been several expletives too.

  12. You don’t know me but we mutually know some people through the local biking community.. I am so touched by your words. Thank you for sharing them… People taking the time to say a kind or thoughtful word such as that doctor. So powerful. I have read your posts from afar but wanted to say I too admire your mothering .. It’s fierce and beautiful .. Jen Lang

  13. Crying again. I can’t believe this writing you do. I can’t believe how well Ana is doing. I can’t believe liver transplants exist. I want to hug that doctor – recognizing you for the amazing person and mother that you are and making sure to tell you. Wow. I am so proud of you doing those small things to take care of yourself. Taking those moments is part of what is going to get you through all this. Go Jackie. Love to all.

  14. Power surges through your words, Jackie. Passion, power, surrender, mama bear, and what a wild flashback. So many potent moments in time. Love hearing the attention you’re paying to yourself around recharging. And as always, thanks for these awesome updates. Love to you, Ana, Emily, and Jim. xo

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