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  1. This is just incredible…all of it. The progress is so encouraging and exciting. Love and healing energy on overload for all of you.

  2. What an unbelievable week you’ve had! I am so terribly sorry Ana had to undergo the central line disaster, but I am glad that with every passing minute that incident slips further into ancient history. Ana is such a powerhouse. I am sure she’ll regain weight very quickly with out that tumor squashing everything inside. Please oh please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you guys. Love to everyone.

  3. WOW! So glad to hear all the progress Ana is making. God is good! Continuing to pray for Ana’s full recovery! Ana is a lucky little girl to have such a wonderful, strong Mama!

  4. May I please relate to you what one of my husband’s surgeon’s told me? In a nut shell – there comes a time during a hospital stay when the patient will not get any better by staying in the hospital and will, in fact, begin to get worse if they do not leave. The magic comes in RECOGNIZING that particular moment and taking action.
    You are very clearly NOT at that point yet. The care and support you and Ana are getting right now are vital – essential. Just keep your eyes peeled – and trust your gut. It seems to have led you pretty well this far.
    Wishing you a peaceful night,

  5. I’m awed that Ana walked those 20 steps. She is amazing. And yes, blown away by the size that the tumor must have been. “Jim’s home-cooked meals” — that sounds like one awesome way to help Ana rebuild her strength and put those pounds back on. Thoughts, prayers, and heart are with Ana and you all tonight. I know it will be good when you, Jim, Ana, and Emily are back under the same roof soon, too!.

  6. Im glad you told that nurse basically to shut her trap. Like Ana is the first person to scream and UMMMM shes a young girl whos just gone through a MAJOR surgery. I mightve punched the lady. Im glad all these good things are happening. I hope Ana continues to feel better and get stronger. Prayers, wishes and HUGS for you and your family

  7. That’s a very huge tumor if it weighs 10 pounds! Almost like a baby. Can’t imagine what she’s been through 🙁 and the internal IV sounds really horrible,try to forget that. Hugs for Ana. How are you doing? Can you get enough rest? I read in the newspaper that Nemo also reached Poughkeepsie, isn’t it ur place? I hope you all are safe and sound.

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