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  1. Dear Jackie, I just knew that Ana already had heart transplant. Sorry I didn’t know before, I deactivated my Facebook and I got sick for few weeks. I pray that everything goes better and better. This is the start of the healing, everything will be okay from now. Ana wll be healthy soon,live a normal life of a 12 year old,and you can breathe. Hugsfrom all of us here, take care.

  2. I remember those feelings of wishing a loved one could come home after surgery and thinking that there is NO WAY that this could happen so quickly. I continue to share my prayers with you and your family, for Ana, for patience for you all as you progress through each day, and am still ready and able to be called on for any imaginable request. Sending love each moment… Betty

  3. Our prayers are with you! So glad to hear that Ana is recovering well and may be able to go home soon. Amazing news! 🙂

  4. It’s great to hear Ana’s progress forward. She is an amazing person, a force of nature. Can I do anything to make your homecoming easier? AllysonP.S I’m a fairly compusive cleaner. Let me know if that’s something I can do for you?

  5. You 2 ladies so ROCK! you are absolutely inspiring. might just have to move back to HV so I can be near you. you so deserve the miracle that is happening. steady as she goes….

  6. Great news! It’s wonderful that Ana’s doing well. Ah the ability of the young to bounce back from such things.

    You’re all in our thoughts and prayers and we hope Ana continues to make steady progress.

  7. Another morning, rising on healing. That medical staff in the PICU sounds like such awesome and skillful partners in Ana’s healing. I am soooo happy to hear your sense that this experience is a lot more hopeful and positive. Yay!

    So many are praying and sending thoughts to Ana constantly. One good friend, Marie, each day on Facebook asked her network to keep Ana close and support her. My dear friend and business coach Ginny shared Ana’s video of singing “Set Fire to the Rain” and asked everyone to envision Ana healthy and well again. Her own husband had been helped significantly in this way as he has been dealing with serious illness due to Lyme disease. Ginny had all of these posts responding about Ana, such as this one: “Breathing love and light from our hearts to hers.”

    And a good friend who is a nurse anesthetist, Georgia, wrote: “Know that Ana and her family and all those who have become part of her journey are in my thoughts and prayers and in my heart. Italian ice and mint chocolate chip ice cream …the resilience of a child has never ceased to amaze me.”

    Sorry this comment is longer, and I’ll be brief next time! 🙂 Just wanted you to see an example of all of these ripples of care and love for Ana and you all, every day. Be well today and take care.

  8. SO glad to here her progress. Go ANA!!!!!!!
    Jackie you are a strong force to be reckoned with ALL THE TIME, I’m sure Ana will look back and be very thankful to have such an Awesome Mother!!!!

    Not sure about the big fancy Hospital in Manhattan, but I’d be happy to have her under close supervision in the PICU ;P

    xoxo HUGS!!!!!!!!!

  9. WOW how times have changed…. for the better tho. Ana safer at home with less virus and bacteria nastys around… and surrounded with healing love. I am sure the doctors will make the best decision for her. Miracle in progress!!!! Thank you angels all…

  10. Can’t wait till you and Ana get to come home. When it is safe for her of course. We’re going to get that meal train a rolling!

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