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  1. Great news all round. Enjoy your Emily time Jackie, and Jim, enjoy your time with Ana even if you do get to be the task master. It is so great that Ana is moving on to the Pediatric floor where things will most likely be less like a gold fish bowl. Take care, Mary-Ann

  2. So happy Ana will be home soon and you get some time “off” the marathon treadmill you’ve been on! Rest up, enjoy some quality time with Emily, and before you know it, your family will be reunited! Love to you all!

  3. You’re so thoughtful to say that you will keep the updates coming, Jackie. Hope you can get some rest — a nice night of sleep for starters — and fun home time with Emily (who is so excellent at that). Ana’s continuing day-by-day progress is amazing, and I keep thinking how she is so on her way to healing. I’m sure Dad will help her to eat and drink and walk and move around in the next couple of days. Will say some extra prayers today that Ana is helped and lifted at these difficult, uncomfortable times. Love you all! Whew, I have thought about where things were a week ago, compared with today. Incredible!!

  4. It’s a good “hard to believe” these days. The thought “Ana doesn’t have cancer anymore” keeps coming into my consciousness. I know she still has quite a few milestones but it’s like being on the other side of a mountain. I just spoke to Emily and she is sooooo looking forward to seeing Mommy. She and I made a date for lunch in the next week and both regretted we couldn’t go to Hawaii for lunch but will find a local place that will make us both happy. Love to all!!!!!

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