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  1. You are all healing now, Jackie! A very difficult time to be patient and accept the ups and downs. A massage is a great idea! Or a pedicure! Take your moments whenever you can! Healing energy to you all! Tracy

  2. If anyone needs, Anything!?! Please call? (917)589-2234. Also, I would like to send her something?? A Teddy Bear or whatever her favorite toy may be?? Please Let me know!! Thanks, Joe T

  3. I love Amy’s idea..go get a massage! Ana is doing great, and you need to rest…You’ve been in emergency mode for such a long time..it will take awhile to come down from that…

  4. Hang in there Jackie. I know it’s hard not to be afraid something will go wrong but it’s day 7 after a major surgery. She’s doing great! And everyone will be better if you get some good sleep. Come get a massage this week. You NEED it!

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