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  1. Even though my kids are still here, I get the failure, the beating up on oneself. When my son got diagnosed with some chronic medical issues I felt the same – that I failed him and I was a bad parent. The most fundamental thing of taking care of a child is their physical well being so it’s easy to beat yourself up. Be gentle and realize that you have had to go through something that most people can only imagine. The first of everything is extremely tough – keep the beatings to a minimum. Holding you and your family close.

  2. I read your article in the Washington Post about Mothers’ Day and their link lead me here. I lost my 13 year old daughter on March 6, 2017. You wrote the words that my heart also speaks. I also feel like my raw grief keeps her closer to me somehow and I feel her shadow as I crawl through life with my remaining son. Thank you.

  3. I lost my 13 year old son in March of this year to rare cancer. Thank you for sharing and being so honest. Nothing prepares a parent for the agony and helplessness that u feel u failed as a.parent to fix them and keep them safe. But we did the beat we could and we triumphed in our ??

  4. Here from your heartfelt WP blog. Thoughts are with you as you navigate through your first Mother’s Day with one missing. Be so gentle on yourself.

  5. You and Jim and Emily are in my heart. A further gift amongst an ocean of sorrow, is that you really lived (and lived fully) in the NOW, in the final weeks/days of Ana’s life. ?

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