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  1. I feel your observations of H are similar to mine as regard to navigational guides which are often lacking, unnecessarily causing distress. As I await hospital discharge tomorrow, I send you and your family prayers for Ana’s healing. Please know that your words inspire me and others and you are not alone in your journey. God bless!
    Erica’s mom

  2. Planet H! Perfect description of it. And the way you tell it as a quick-study veteran. Yes!

    This seems like something that *anyone* who has *ever* been in a hospital setting could relate to. Love the gritty, realistic, detailed images you conjured up for us. xo

  3. I think the reason the halls empty out is that they know that that creepy doll collection comes to life at night….you know I’m right about this 🙂

  4. Would the novel be called “Looking for Doctor Goodbar”? The excellent picture says a LOT. Surely you do have an excellent start on that novel, particularly with this piece that observes and captures the inanities in a space intended to restore health. I would imagine that observing and writing are helping to keep sanity when so much feels wacky and just plain awful at various times (like why can’t people look at the medical records and not make you recite Ana’s medical history over and over?). Also, I keep thinking of Ana’s own creativity and her precocious mind, and what she must be observing and feeling, too. All that said, when my worry cells get highly activated (like five minutes ago), I pray for and focus on Ana getting the exact treatments and medical miracles for complete health.So tomorrow morning, I’ll light a candle and keep thoughts and prayers going for Ana’s procedures to go very, very smoothly and well! Many caring thoughts to Ana and you all tonight.

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