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  1. Ana is both with you and not with you, she is now of the universe past present and future. She will come to you in the quiet spaces between your grief. I know this as only a mother can know who lost her child. Grieve how you need and let no one tell you otherwise. It is yours and yours alone. But you have a community of others that love you too.

  2. Your words were/are as beautiful as jackies, Michelle. I hope they bring her some comfort. I never feel like I have the right things to say.

  3. Your pathway in grief is yours, is unique to you, and to the relationship you had with Ana. No other person can weigh in on its shape, length, depth, or texture. It is yours. We, out here, can offer you water, hugs, nourishment, care, and listening along the way, but we have nothing to say about the length of your stride, or the number of strides to some end. We are just to love you.

  4. It makes sense that connections are strongest in beautiful places we love. The same energy responsible for love JA responsible for beauty–and as we know, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. She is with you.

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