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  1. Jackie, I wasn’t sure where to put this, and it’s not a comment to this post. I had been digging around for awhile in response to your husband’s queries about cancer diets for kids, because Tom (my husband, Noelle’s dad), is a physician at Georgetown Hospital here in D.C., and in the magazine they send out, they profiled a woman who wrote a cook book for just that. I finally found the title and author, and it’s Happily Hungry: Smart Recipes for Kids with Cancer by Danielle Cook Navidi. An emphasis on what to cook kids when diarrhea, appetite loss, mouth sores, and nausea are all at play. Sorry if this is not the write place to write, but I wanted to let you know. xo Catherine Cummings

  2. I so love this post. It shares from your inner landscape, and these pictures so nicely echo the energy in your poem: weaving the family web even tighter through daily life stuff in the gift-wrapping pic (Follow my draft, stay close.); holding wholeness for others who need support right now through light for Tater (The whisper of this vision); and the essential nature of the very act of opening for healing (Even after the surgeon works his magic) seen here in this innocent picture of Emily delighting in a pomegranate the only way it can be enjoyed: by opening it.
    Big love. xo

  3. I agree with Janne, I think you’re a very good poet..keep writing I would think it helps Ana and you..I lit a candle for Tater.

  4. You are a wonderful poet Jackie. Such a gift of deep expression. It will mean so much to Ana to have these poems when she is a healthy adult looking back at this very difficult time.

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