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  1. Hi Jackie,
    Just read this. Positive vibes for best case scenerio. Prayers for you all for the waiting period.
    Nancy – Ana always in our hearts, with a list of far too many babes that we have encountered through this journey.

  2. Jackie – I’ve been away from your site for a while, but Ana and your family have never left my thoughts or prayers. I applaud the measured tone to your blog entry from yesterday, writing as if you have learned how to “breathe”. I sense a new strength in you, a strength that I pray will hold you all up well, whatever the scenario turns out to be.

    Come Sunday, I will offer my Holy Communion for Ana, and boost my own prayers as you face this next challenge.

  3. Jacks, you all have really been through it. It may not seem like it now, but you can face this too. Throwing it out to the Universe to bring you strength, energy, optimism and hope. Hang tight.

  4. Just thinking and sending prayers, good thoughts, and lots of light every day to Ana, you, Jim, and Emily, and the whole family. I’m going to focus on a vision of Ana being back at school with all of her friends and activities she loves!

  5. Hey guys, one step at a time. You have a tremendous support system. Rember to take advantage if us, in all the best possible ways. If Ana needs a companion on one of her trips, let me know. Sophia can miss a day of school.
    Love to you guys

  6. Hi Jackie, Jim, Ana and Emily. As always my thoughts are with you, Hoping for the best case scenario. Take care and let me know if there is anything I can do, Mary-Ann and family

  7. The whole staff sent a shot of healing energy to you yesterday and we are pulling and praying hard for a best possible scenario. We send you our love and are waiting to help in any way we can.

  8. Jacky, ANYTHING we can do for you guys, to help support you and keep the fire burning, ANYTHING, literally send me a list!

  9. Sorry to hear this news, Jackie, Jim, Ana and Emily.
    You are in my thoughts- good, hopeful thoughts.
    Much love and grace.

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