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  1. I have not seen anything that resembles failing. Your bike will be there. You need to get rid of a cold, try to get back what you feel is normalcy and maybe at some point RELAX…..Glad to hear things had a turn for the better. I hope everyone feels well.

    Happy Mothers Day

  2. Jackie, this post has just about every human emotion an essay can have, with all of its highs and lows. Your Mom’s words about this being consistently “disorienting” sound right on the money. I loved how you and Ana worked as a team when you said, “You’ve totally got this.” That is empowering.

    Ever since i read this post on Monday, I have been thinking a great deal about Jessi and her son, husband, and dear ones. When I consider her young son, I think of losing my own Dad when I was 7 and my sisters and I were all so young. It is an incalculable loss, and yet I wouldn’t have traded my time with my own Dad for anyone’s. So I hope and pray it will be for that boy with Jessi — she sounded so courageous. I noticed her football jersey, of the Steelers, and I looked up and read her story — so it appears she is from very near my home territory. I hope that every day that community supports her family very strongly.

    And how awesome that Emily won the medal. Your and Jim’s girls are both awesome, and their victories — both in their pursuits and moreover, in what each is dealing with — are amazing. Love to you all! So many of us are here with you.

  3. Jackie, you are both so strong. Your entrance into the E.R. was so very different than the first time. Your strength “You got this” informed Ana’s inner strength. And it sounds like from all of this stemmed the rest of the experience, instructing the on-call physician on checking with Ana’s doctor before making any moves… and all else that seemed to come from this visit to the hospital. You are an absolute inspiration to us all…

  4. You aren’t failing..it’s just that the goalpost keeps getting moved.. you’re dealing with a chronic illness now, and the new normal is that you deal with it from day to day.. it can be aggravating and disorienting…but boy, when you have a good day, when your kid wins a medal at karate, when test results come back great..you REALLY have a good day…:) I love you

  5. What a weekend! I think so many of us let our guards down after the first few weeks went so well, and now you have gotten through my thick head that this is the new normal. Thank you for the patient and clear explanations you give, even in the midst of your own constant disorientation. You are amazing, Jackie. By the way…I can’t see how you can be failing when each day has to be taken on its own terms. And what is also just incredible is how Ana has become such an instrumental part of her own care.

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