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  1. I so appreciate your wishing well here. You are speaking a language that every single one of us relates to in some way. All of this trauma in the name of healing, and it just goes together, this sacred path. Love you guys.

  2. As always, your writing is so moving and takes us right into the core of what it is to be a parent – this constant balance we must find of protecting and nurturing our children while stepping back to marvel at them and encouraging their independence. Yes, pride and heart break – but really our hearts don’t break. The amazing thing about the heart is that it swells to the point that it feels like it will BURST and then it stretches and grows a little more. Love is powerful – it rushes in so strong and swift it saturates the heart and it ACHES but it won’t break. The heart full of love will always give more than we could dream of.

  3. Jackie,

    I think this all says something about Ana and who she was at her core before all this happened to her. It seems to me that she is this person when all the daily kinds of worries and priorities of tween life are stripped away. Deeply sensitive and observant, she would reconsider her assumptions and judgments, and know the power and the meaning of her community. Creative and intuitive, she would draw, make music, and even clean to shape her environment. What I wonder is if her mates are not also getting down to these brass tacks as a result of what they are experiencing, which is real life, and yet, a strange dream.

    Keep writing darlin’


  4. You’re right, these things should not be so hard won, especially at such a young age. But the truth is that none of you will be the same after this. You will know first-hand what it is like to live life on the edge of a precipice. You will be stronger. You will be closer. You will be more considerate and more compassionate. Positive things will come out of this terrible experience, and you are already seeing some evidence of that. You are seeing strength you never knew existed in Ana, and I’m sure she is seeing that in you as well.

    I’m sure the thought of her going back to the hospital is hard. Just keep on keepin on. You guys are doing a great job.

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