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  1. Glad to hear everything is going well. ( I had to catch up and read 2 entries.)
    I think you should write until you have nothing left to write. I find writing helps me when I have a hard decision, a fight with my daughter, doubts about what Im doing on a regular basis (which is often LOL). Sometimes when I write it down it puts it into perspective. And you will definitely know when its time.
    Its so good that you have that extra community support. Its just the simple things that can make a day go from good to great.
    I hope things continue to look up and be positive for you and your family. With all that youve been through its about time.
    HUGS, good thoughts and prayers to you all.

  2. I think you should continue to blog. Take photos of all the stuff that never meant anything. 1. Boredom. 2. Hey look, I washed a glass. 3. Movie night. 4. Haircut #92. Remind the rest of us not to keep taking “uneventful” for granted. Love you.

  3. I feel honored to be a part of the village that can offer some comfort to you and ana in this difficult part of your journey. The hair that fell to the floor as well as the tears that were shed are like spring cleaning, saying goodbye to the illness so that your family can move on. Ana is such a brave, beautiful young lady that totally rocks short hair and funky colored nails!
    Please make time to come back to see me soon so I can take care of the amazing mom who takes care of everyone else.

  4. It has to be strange. Things have not been normal for you all for seven long months. To now be doing the everyday stuff with the overlay of watchfulness and meds and recovery…it’s great, it’s miraculous, and it’s disorienting as heck! I, for one, know I am not ready to stop reading…so keep writing!

  5. Reading your posts is a lesson in life. It couldn’t get any more real. It’s your story and it heals you to write the good, the bad and the horrors during this dreadful time in your life; you will look back at this and realize how on earth did all of you get through this “ordeal.” You and Ana pulled it off.
    Along with friends and others you don’t even know. One thing I remember my Dad saying, “This too shall pass.” Well at 65, I can’t remember whether it was a hill or a mountain…. I’ve climbed a few. They have all tested me. I guess we are so much stronger than we ever thought. One step at a time. Why Ana?……… Cause Ana is amazingly strong and so are you. I hope you keep posting, it helps all of us to see just how corageous you are and how you planned everything down to the last detail. I don’t think I could get through all that you had to face. You give inspiration to everyone who knows you. May God Bless You All, Love, Carla

  6. There is so much healing encoded in all of these words and experiences, especially the visit to the salon. Don’t ever get mad at yourself for getting choked up, or for getting angry. There is a line in one of Melody Beattie’s books: “My feelings can be trusted. My thinking is appropriate.” It’s absolutely true and worth internalizing, which takes a lifetime of work. Your feelings were very understandable at looking at that picture of Ana and Emily from a couple of years ago. If it means anything, and I’m not even Ana’s Mom or Dad, I still find myself stopped at moments and thinking, “Why Ana?” Perhaps someday there will be parts of answers. I do know that Ana will create something, as strong as I am sitting here right now. That I know. Love you all. Susan

  7. Well, as I said before – I think you need to keep writing until you can post that picture of you and Ana happily hopping up and down, all healed 🙂

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