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  1. Jackie,

    Beautifully said. And I can only dimly imagine, reading this and feeling the rage I feel, what it feels like to talk to these people.

    They are utterly inhumane…at best.

    My dear friends’ house burned to the ground 2 years ago and dealing with the insurance assholes who blocked payments however they could was probably almost as awful as the house…but they did get their money. Try not to feel defeated. These places always, no matter how deeply you are suffering, try to wear you down.

    How can we help? These might be outrageously naive questions BUT are there advocates you can turn to to help you with this outrageous burden??? Within the hospitals??? A doctor who can intervene??? The people who care, in general, and about you all in specific, within the system, should be involved somehow. Or even local elected officials. I once had a battle with the unemployment office in NYC (I was on unemployment between jobs)…I called my local council member’s office and told their ‘constituent services’ person about what was going on. Several house later the unemployment office called me, apologized and made things right. That was a ridiculously piddly situation compared to yours…

    There are armies of folks on your side on this. I wonder how we can help you connect with them…I am going to ask around a little.


  2. Jackie, your “rant” MUST be shared. It is clear and compelling, and people must hear it. I encourage you to submit it to the New York Times, and beyond. I encourage you to send it somehow to Dr. Victoria Sweet, who wrote a fine book, published this year, God’s Hotel. She can be seen/heard on YouTube, she may become a voice for sanity in our health care system. You, too, could be a voice for sanity. AND that drawing is beyond wonderful. Truly. Please do consider sharing, and if you lack time and focus and energy give me permission and I will try to make it happen.

  3. you raised some very good points. here in italy the healthcare system is state run but, doesn’t work because so many don’t pay their taxes. (taxes are insanely high. the more people don’t pay, the higher they go) the concept of community is vital to our survival. because as you said, everyone IS entitled to excellent health care. it should not be something that only the welathy can afford. your community isn’t loaning you anything. they are giving you the help that your family needs. that’s the way it should be but, so many who have more don’t feel they should help anyone. that’s where humilty comes into play. those of us who may have less feel the need to share because how would we want others to treat us if we were in a similar situation?

  4. Hi Jackie – so sorry about the ongoing traumas with insurance – when you should be able to focus on Ana and family. I just wanted to know that our thoughts are with you and wish you good luck for the scan tomorrow. Take care , Mary-Ann and Natasha

  5. My blood boils for you Jackie. We go through hell and back just with the cleft issues and filing and I’ve often said we would be financially annhiliated if we ever have to deal with anything like what your family is going through.We actually figured out we pay 20% of Greg’s take home pay in out-of-pocket medical expenses for all the kids.
    There is a special place in hell for those profiting off the health and sickness of our children.

  6. Horrible Jacks, but far from shocking. Our health insurance system is an absolute, inexcusable horror show. And most people railing against the Affordable Care Act don’t even know what it is, or that it actually benefits them, directly and NOW. (Of course, the Obama administration did a piss poor job of explaining it, too.) I feel your frustration — as someone else here suggested, you should absolutely forward your post as a formal communication to your lawmakers and representatives at every level of government. Yours cannot possibly be a unique situation, and they need to know that their constituents are suffering.

    My insurance company denied coverage for an emergency (but scary) appendectomy in late July. The reason? The hospital was considered “out-of-network.” Since when does a person fob around for an in-network hospital when they’re doubled over with a burst appendix?

    The insurance company administrators, Wall Street moguls, everyone the Tea Party and the Koch brothers should be publicly hanged.

    • Exactly! And still, there are those who would vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket. Should they win, we’ll lose. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

  7. Someone should forward the link to your blog to our prospective leaders. You so viscerally communicate the frustration and fear that so many have faced, but lack the words to describe.


  8. I absolutely feel your pain. Both our kids have some chronic condition, now my husband has one, too. In the US, that would have been a financial nightmare although all these conditions are not super severe, they just need to be dealt with. Here in Germany that is not a problem. Although the health care system here is far from perfect, it at least doesn’t cause the financial devastation on top of the health issues. I wish the American people (or at least those who are vocal about it) would not see a government-sponsored/regulated mandatory insurance system as a vicious socialist thing but as what it is in the days of high-cost medical care: a life-saving necessity. I think one of the reasons that is not happening is that once people are trapped in that nightmare of not being able to pay for health care they also don’t have the time and energy to do political work on top of it, showing those (not yet) affected what it really is like. I know people in the US who are proud of not even having health insurance – and they don’t have the kind of money that would allow them to pay 50.000 dollar bills out of pocket, either. They just don’t realize what it will be like when they get sick. And they don’t realize that people do get severely sick without it somehow being their fault. I so feel for you. I’ll keep contributing my small amounts to your fundraising effort, and I hope the nightmare will end some time – for you, and for the many other American families living it.

    • We have a “mentality” issue here in the good old US of A. It’s inexplicable. The issue of health care or lack thereof doesn’t hit home, with some, until they get sick. Unfortunately those who fight against healthcare for all, work to keep pols in office who would much rather work for the good of corporations instead of the folks they were elected to represent. Just because someone has been able to con their way into Congress, the Senate, or the Presidency doesn’t mean they are qualified to govern nor does it mean they are smart. Sometimes it means they are nothing more than a vehicle to move an agenda (tea party hacks come to mind). The problem in this country is twofold: lack of education and lack of healthcare. Sadly, it seems to be getting worse in this country.

      Tomorrow when I vote, I will, once again, pull the lever with a sense of hope, and hope that I won’t be disappointed, once again.

  9. Oh Jackie, I understand. We also get confused with how health system here works.
    I know someone who works in United Healthcare insurance, she might be able to help you. If you want, I can connect you. She gave an insurance session during craniofacial retreat.
    I also don’t know why people’s today seems so heartless. My friend just shared about dr. Richard Teo. He was a well known surgeon, who got lung cancer. He was also shocked that his own colleagues tried to rob his money out of his illness.
    Please believe that God never sleeps, and everything is in His control.
    Hugs Jackie, I wish I could be there for you.

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