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  1. Just – love to you guys. Here’s hoping it’s a teeny tiny bump in the road and nothing more than that.


  2. Ana has come so far, and been so brave. It must be exhausting for her. But this is exactly as you’ve posted, a bump, a hiccup, and this too shall pass. Keep the faith.

  3. I like your picture of the road sign. This is just a road bump. Sending Ana and all of you lots of strength.

  4. Thanks so much for this update, I keep checking in to see how it is going. The word I keep remembering is RESILIENCE…. Ana has come through so much, may this dip be managed well, and the good times return quickly. I keep her, and you all in my prayers, watching for more updates! onward with love, Storey’s grandma “maki”.

  5. I can only think of Ana’s posted comment the other night: This sucks. My heart aches thinking of Ana and you all tonight. That said, maybe taking this one hour at a time would help. Let’s hope and pray that this bump is a small one. I know that my prayers and thoughts going to sleep tonight will be for Ana. I am going to look up at the sky and say “Come on!” We all gotta keep our hopes strong that the setbacks will be overcome because they WILL…so Ana will keep getting her life fully back. Holding strong over here, for Ana!

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