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  1. These are powerful words, Jackie:

    “Children tend to do better in the long run if they have a rejection event like this. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s related to having a healthy immune system. Children also have ferociously strong immune systems which means they are more prone to rejection than adults.”

    Say them over and over, like a prayer.

  2. Right. Impossible to explain to your child if you don’t have the full picture yourself. While I’m sure that not every parent wants all that information, you do, you need it. Ana needs it. So there!

  3. So sorry you had to break this to Ana on her birthday, of all days. Sending you all my love and prayers today. Let me know if there’s anything we can do.

  4. From you:
    The burden is so heavy. I can feel it dragging me down.

    From “Set Fire to the Rain”
    My hands, they’re strong
    But my knees were far too weak,
    To stand in your arms
    Without falling to your feet

    What a story. I feel like I’m reading every single emotion someone could possibly have in your story, from start to finish. Wow. I always used to think: Transplant = Success = All Done = Cured! I’m learning so much from your sharings, holding the space around you, Ana, and your family, and can’t wait to hear more. Thanks for letting us know. Ugh. I feel like there could be periodic badges of honor in mothering, and having to hold onto this news and tell Ana this AFTER HER BIRTHDAY PARTY is something I’d give you a medal for. Love you.

  5. It is so maddening when doctors take that patriarchal approach to giving information. They seem to be unwilling to understand that this is the information age, that medicine is no longer completely mysterious to the reasonably educated, and we have a right to know.
    I am so sorry that Ana had to have this happen on her birthday, or at all. That feeling that the shoe can drop at any time is a form of torture, and it makes perfect sense that you would feel the frustration of not being able to move ahead. But that little piece of information…that rejection in children is actually a sign of a healthy immune system, that’s a good piece of information to hold on to.
    So one step at a time, one day at a time, our girl had a birthday, she is looking great, she is a powerhouse, and so are you.

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