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  1. Praying so much this morning for Ana’s healing as she goes through the biopsy today and thinking of and praying for you, Jim, and the whole family. I have a candle lit, inspired by others.

    The blog is great, and it’s going to allow all of us to be connected and involved as Ana goes through treatment. A friend on Facebook commented about the blog tagline, “Journey towards wellness…exactly.” Ana is being so brave in a situation that all wish she didn’t have to go through. She is in my heart and so many hearts today.

  2. Thinking of all of you today and sending positive thoughts. I’m a “High Meadow Mom”, and want you to know that the power of the HMS community is something special. When I was in crisis three years ago, this community supported, tended to and embraced me and my daughter Lizzie as we learned to live without my husband. We can do it for you too, as Ana works to recover. With love, Pat

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