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  1. Great to hear this good news. I recently came across some research that Maseru Emoto did on water and how it looks when exposed to various things such as music, prayers and even written words. It forms beautiful symmetrical crystals when exposed to positive things (or as Xander says, positive energy). The assumption then made is that since our bodies are made up of at least 60% water that our bodies respond the same way – organized and in control when exposed to positive energy.

    All this to say that I am glad that the positive thoughts, prayers and words are helping,
    take care and have a happy, sunny Sunday,

    • How cool is that?? I think Xander is right about positive energy – a phrase that is as much science as it is magic. But my head is in the magical clouds right now as I work on my third book. I’ll take all of it – the symmetrical crystals, the positive energy, the prayers. It’s all forming a blanket of healing and protection that I envision wrapping around Ana.

  2. As we enjoy your shared good news, we thank the Universe for this again renewed gift of life! It really puts things we take for granted in a new perspective!
    Thanks, Jackie! Prayers continue for healing..and peaceful moments.

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