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  1. Finding the place where you can see even tiny bits of light — even the smallest blessing (snow for Ana) — is a rare and special gift. I continue to be in awe of your courage, and the strength you show for Emily. It can’t be easy. I can’t possibly imagine how difficult this must be. You are often in my thoughts, and my blessings. Sending love.

  2. I read your post from the Washington Post. I cried. I’m sooo sorry for your loss and it must be so hard to face the spring flowers and bright, fresh days ahead. But know that you will have a friend saying prayers for you and your family during this time of loss. May God’s healing hands and love lessen the aching pain. With much love ?? from Beijing!!! Xxx

  3. I was just telling the story today to some friends about how when Sophia was 5 months old I was holding her up in a seated position and for some reason I asked her ‘ where’s grandma?’ My mother who had died when I was 28 and she had never met. At that very moment she looked up and over my shoulder and she broke into a big smile! In disbelief , a moment later I asked her the question again – and she did the same thing! It gave me comfort that , although I have a hard time feeling it – that their loving spirits are with us and standing right next to us . I want to believe this with all my heart. ? sending you guys more love in this tender time

  4. ?? Lots of love to you Jackie. Ana’s departure was made easier because of your love for her. I hope you slowly can collect tiny things (thoughts, beliefs, perspectives..?) that make Ana’s loss slightly more bearable. I know it’s impossible right now, I just so wish your pain to lessen. Big hugs. ??

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