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  1. I have always believed the universe sends us messages and love and hope. Sometimes we don’t notice and other times we can’t not notice.
    I love what your commenters below have written.

  2. In Native American symbolism, the crow is the keeper of sacred law and knows the mystery of life. She knows the unknown. The crow is a messenger and a go-between from this world to the next. The crow helps us balance our need for partnership with other areas of our life. She teaches us to be at peace with our own company as well as within a group. She also teaches the joy in exploration. The crow is the guardian of healing and can guide the change in consciousness that will bring about new realities and dispel negative energies. The crow will not give up a battle without a fight.

    I copied this from the web, I have been taught by a Native American elder that crows are generally a good sign. I know from experience that looking for signs and portents can really make my head spin, on the other hand, I’ve had marvelous experiences when I’ve been open to the gifts of the natural world. Much Love, Reta

  3. I keep thinking about this, and now that I’m here to make a comment, I am delighted by the previous comments by Stefan and Kelly, and I absolutely concur. Ditto. Yes to everything they said. I believe we are given the chance to feel love from anything we notice. I think noticing is an essential step to being in a journey of love, and you are both there doing it! I would invite you to connect with any of us or obviously right here on the blog when you feel like you could use support in finding the love in an omen or a sign, another way we can help! xoxoxo

  4. I love stick bugs they are amazing to watch and I haven’t seen one in a long time. Yes – for sure – it is a good sign!

  5. Hey Jackie, one could make the argument that the only meaning each ‘sign of doom and destruction’ has in truth is that Anna is loved. And you along with her. A black cat crossing from left to right, a butterfly landing on your nose or a bug waiting for you in the car. What if the bug was there to love you and you thought it was a sign of doom? I agree that omens work both ways. There is a nice passage in A Course In Miracles that speaks of this:
    “In you is all of Heaven.
    Every leaf that falls
    is given life in you.
    Each bird that ever sang
    will sing again in you,
    and every flower
    that ever bloomed
    has saved its perfume
    and its loveliness for you.”

  6. Stick Bug Wisdom: “The appearance of the stick bug is a reminder to be patient. We should continue what we have been doing, quietly camouflaging our endeavors. The stick bug indicates results are coming, but we must allow them to come in their own time. When we do, we will be in a better position to grab them and use them for our benefit. The stick bug reminds us to focus on our own activities and ourselves. It is also an indication that meditation and prayer will bring much greater results and benefits now. There is something in the offing, but we must be able to recognize it. This is where personal stillness–meditative and altered states of quietness–come into play.”

    Stick Bug’s Wisdom Includes: Being Patient, Focusing on Your Own Activities, Being Accepted for What You Are, Power of stillness, Female warrior energy, Attack strategy

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