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  1. Your writing is so beautiful made even more beautiful by the idea of Ana. I never met your beautiful daughter. I am friends with Janne so I heard about this gutsy, beautiful, sparkling brilliant songstress kid. I followed her journey thru Healing Ana. I silently prayed that she would be healed. And I silently prayed when we knew she would not, that god or whatever is out there would take her gently, whilst surrounded by love. What more can we ask when the die is cast.

    I know you are in the moment of intense pain. That pain is proportional to the depth of love you had for Ana-and it’s clear it was so very deep, so very strong, so palpable.

    You and Jim and Emily and Roo are in my heart. Ana is in my heart. You are safe there. I make sure of that.



  2. Thank you, Jackie, for sharing this wrenching but beautiful process. We have so much to learn from you about memory and loss, and what it takes to keep someone always with us. We have so much to learn from Ana, whose journey showed us courage, joy, love of life, and how to face the unknown. ??

  3. I’m crying as I read this. These raw feelings of grief and anxiety that you are dealing with are such a difficult part of this new journey with Ana, maybe the hardest part. It is all so unfair. Thank you for sharing your grief with us, for sharing Ana with us. Holding all of you in light and love.

  4. What’s the word for excruciatingly-gutting? Tenderly-merciless? Brilliantly-blazed? I hold you and your words in honor of Ana’s continued legacy of fun, hope, truth, love. xoxo

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