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  1. I found myself nodding so hard to all this I think I cricked my neck. Personally, I’ve always, always, always been chicken-little-the-sky-is-falling over everything. I get a pit in my stomach for you because it’s AWFUL to live on the edge like that and no matter what anyone says, it IS an edge. Does it feel to you like there’s just this cognitive dissonance between your life and others’ lives? I imagine for you it does. What you’ve written up there so wonderfully is the reminder to take each moment for what it is. Yours isn’t one of those cutesy pinterest platitudes, your shiz is real-life. Thank you for the reminder to stop, breathe, and only think about the moment because the storm is coming.
    Still here sending love, healing thoughts, and good vibes. XO

  2. I think you should find a way to mainstream this whole blog somewhere where parents who are getting brand new diagnosis for their kids can read it from start to finish. You are such a good writer, so conversational, like your best buddy is just talking to you about the hardest things in the world, but with jokes and so much real advice and real meaning. I just love you!

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