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  1. So glad to hear that Ana is feeling a bit better. What an awful story about the nurse, though! Sheeesh! I was very fortunate during my recent stay for appendicitis. Everyone was incredibly kind and helpful (I was at NY Presbyterian). However, during my father’s several visits for surgeries this past year (Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, MD) I had two run-ins with nurses that reminded me of yours. An unthinking comment from one nurse in particular had me charging to the nurse’s station in search of someone in charge … naturally, no one was around.

    At Anne Arundel, each nurse cares for only TWO PATIENTS. Count ’em, two. With that kind of impressive ratio, you’d think you’d have nothing but time and compassion for an 86-year-old man having his fourth surgery in under a year. I contrasted that to my nurses at NY Presbyterian, each of whom must care for SIX patients at a time. They were harried at times, to be sure, but always kind and patient.

    I don’t think you overreacted, Jackie. You were protecting your child, who has been brave and strong in the face of scary uncertainties. Go get ‘im, tiger.

  2. I am so glad Ana had a period of better spirits today. That is amazing. I hope tomorrow is an even better day. When do you get to come home for a bit? Would you like some visitors down there for some company?

  3. Jackie,
    I had a friend who’s daughter has been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, after a year it’s under control and no longer life threatening but she too applied for and received her “wish” from the make-a-wish foundation. Ana would surely qualify and get her wish! It was a nurse that suggested and prodded a bit before my friend said what the heck, it’s been a terrible year and she deserves it and applied! They returned from Disney late August and it was wonderful….. They sent my friend, her daughter, her fiance, his son and her daughter’s best friend! Don’t hesitate it would be great to have something like that to take your mind for a few minutes.

  4. Jackie, It must be so hard to wait for results. I am still here with you always checking on updates and happy to hear Ana is moving better now and can start dreaming about a fun vacation… just the thought of it will be good for her health! Much love
    xo Carol

  5. Hawaii is an awesome choice!! Been there several times for work!!! Glad to hear she is up and moving around. As much as it sucks, getting the oxygen moving through the lungs is important! God I feel for this kid.

  6. i am pleased to hear that ana was moving around today. i know you don’t want to get your hopes up for the biopsy results. what is that? (secretly) hoping for the best but, (realistically) preparing for the worst. as so many of us do. whatever the results, jackie, i too, am moved by the enormous support and love that surrounds your family. you all will survive this, how can you not? hawaii would be Awesome! my sister’s been, said it was beyond beautiful. i will await your news of the results. much love, jennifer

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