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  1. I am following all of this, and grateful for the progress, the care, and Ana’s spirit, yours too Jackie….I keep you all in my prayers, and watch for more updates… xoxoxo Bonnie

  2. I continue to be blown away by your strength, Jackie. You too, Ana. I am so grateful for your wonderful medical team. Tell them there is a large community of people that appreciate them. Glad you can likely get home before the big storm. Good job on finding the right insurance. I love Child Health Plus. Anxiously awaiting those biopsy results with you. xoxoxo

  3. So good to hear that you had these victories over the course of the last day, Jackie. It will be so good for Ana to get home to her own place and room. Thank goodness, Ana has this excellent, caring team of doctors and health care professionals, and I’m amazed at Ana’s own incredible spirit. Take care as you are there, with so much to deal with. I keep thinking about the dark, scary, and tough times last year, and how Ana came through them to wellness. So I’m staying focused with thought and prayer on Ana coming through to healing again.

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