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  1. Jackie and family,
    Thanks for sharing fun photos of the girls in the snow. I am so sorry you are faced with these challenges again and admire your strength and composure. You all are in my thoughts and positive healing energy goes out to Ana. I am available to help in any way.
    With love,

  2. You”re worried about us worrying about you. You are amazing!
    I love the photos. And the snow. Tiernan had a a great time too, throwing himself off things and then struggling to get up again. Between the depth of the snow and his laughter, it wasn’t easy!

  3. Hi Jackie – I am glad Ana is feeling well enough to have fun in the snow. I don’t remember a time when we had this much snow. I am sorry you are all going to be going down the road of treating a rare and unknown condition again – I am thinking of you all. I cannot imagine how hard it is to have fun when all this is looming – enjoy the isolation that the snow gives you for this weekend. Let me know if there is anything I can do, Mary-Ann

  4. Great pictures. Ours wasnt that deep but we had fun in it too. Good to see the smiles and here it in your writing as well. HUGS

  5. Thanks so much, Jackie. I have been thinking of your family all night and thinking what a big baby I am this week getting stressed out because my boys got the flu. You are amazing. I love seeing those beautiful girls in the snow.

  6. I am sorry to hear that Ana’s tumor has returned…but I’m glad to hear that she is doing ok……tell her to feel better!!????

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