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  1. your friend mary ann was absolutely right. during your waiting you got to enjoy the spectacular variety show (so different from ours back in the 80’s when the football team always thought it was funny to dress up in drag) sometimes these breaks in waiting help us to re-fuel so we can keep going. you should be very proud. what a cool family.

  2. Backup band and everything! Wow! In our variety shows (I mean the ones back when dinosaurs walked the earth) we had a piano and that’s really about it 🙂 It helps to have a musical family, doesn’t it! And you sure can tell the talent has filtered down.

    Like I always say, whether a person feels they can sing or not: KEEP SINGING!

  3. Awesome — Ana and Emily look so at home onstage. Each of them was amazing, and I’ve watched a couple of times…their performances are so great! It’s so wonderful that Storey, Sophia, and Francesca sang “Lean on Me” dedicated to Ana. I have a lump in my throat just thinking about it — how beautiful that they did this!

  4. Ana was superb! Emily has the beat!! They were both amazing with such bright futures in music and, I predict, anything else they want to do. WoooHoooo!

  5. Aw, geez. I’m all teary eyed too! Lovely!!! Waiting sucks, and DG has been convincing me that waiting is a gift. I’ll take a deep breath if you promise you will, too! xoxo

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