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  1. will text and email ana (from the computer and on my dads ipod) to try to occupy her from bein g so deppressed, i will also try to get to see her this week. sending my prayers!!!!!

    • Thanks, Lauryn. I’m so sorry you lost your ipod. We have an old ipod you can borrow if you want. There’s no camera, but you should be able to text. I’ll send a note to your mom about it on Facebook.

  2. Good morning Jackie,

    The ebb and flow of emotions are so normal! The what if’s and could haves, and whys of it all. You are HUMAN. Continue to feel held up by prayers and positive energy, but don’t beat yourself up when you have a bad day! I have suffered with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue over 20 years, and know that my body can rise to ANY occasion, but then after, I usually experience a ‘crash’ of sorts. Your adrenaline gets you through it, but then you need to repair. You have not had chance to repair. Your body is in overdrive trying to maintain a level of speed to get you up this mountain that you can’t seem to get to the top of. It’s okay to ‘downshift’ and have a meltdown, curl up like a baby and cry…sleep, repair. Please don’t be so hard on yourself. You and your family are being called to an incredible challenge. Be sure to take vitamins and refuel your energy with rest and good food. I imagine it’s really easy to skip meals and not have restful sleep.
    If it’s okay- I would like to email Ana. I have a home business painting on plates, and have also taught fine arts to home schooled children and have even created an entire curriculum. I am in the process of becoming a professional Illustrator and I thought perhaps I could introduce myself and share some my art with Ana?

    I hope and pray today is a better day..

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